About Judith White

Judith White, born in 1951, is Australian painter of postwar and contemporary styles. She has been an artist for over 30 years and has featured in many solo exhibitions across Australia as well as overseas.

You can discover more about Judith White and her paintings on her website.

Judith White Paintings

The following Judith White paintings are a reference to a real environment; the estuary of the Corindi River in northern New South Wales.

The paintings are not necessarily descriptive, but in an abstract way refer to a state of flux and natural energy; a sense of chaos and random order in landscape. Each image is a part, or micro world of the continuum of natural forces beyond its’ boundaries.

The paintings seem to construct themselves with a natural randomness, where forms are suspended in an ambiguous element that could be light, or water; some are tangled or incarcerated. The position of the viewer is also subverted, with an illusive eye level.

At times the reference is primordial, a balance between growth and decay that renders irrelevant the need for human witness.

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